Furry friend fun

I am a firm believer that furry friends make the best friends. Especially for kids.There’s nothing quite like the bond you can have with the family pet.

Sadly we don’t have any furry friends of our own anymore, after we lost three beautiful and much adored cats in a short space of time a couple of years ago, and for various reasons we have been reluctant to replace them.

But we do have what I call our “god-doggy”, since he belongs to the family of my Godmother/the kid’s Godfather. Mac is the most beautiful, gentle, caring soul. He is instinctively gentle with the kids and adores running around with them as much as they love running around with him.


Although he’s getting pretty grey around the chops now (he’s 14) he can still run and play like a puppy. And then collapse in exhaustion afterwards and sleep until the next morning.


He’s always had a particular bond with Heather, since she was very tiny. I just love seeing these two together, they are like old friends catching up, having a good laugh.


He’s a special furry friend.


From High Trees House,



One thought on “Furry friend fun

  1. Kelly Kent says:

    Aww, what a gentle giant! We’ve partially adopted next doors kitten, who keeps coming for visits – the girls love having a playful pet. Molly is old and doesn’t play! Kelly x


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