The Kids – July 2017 ed.

July was a funny old month. Winter decided to arrive, finally, and all at once. The first week made up for the months of dry and mild weather we had been having.

So we were driven indoors, much to the chagrin of the small one, who is most happy roaming about outdoors, regardless of the weather. First thing in the morning he insists on donning his hat and boots so as to be prepared whenever the opportunity to escape presents itself.

Although the unexpected bonus for Sammy this month was learning the joys of jumping in muddy puddles from his champion puddle jumping sister.

Heather, 6 Years and 10 months

Has well and truly discovered the joy of reading chapter books. More often than not now you will find her buried in a book and we have a real problem getting her to stop reading and go to sleep at a reasonable time.


Samuel, 1 Year and 3 Months

Has discovered mud and is pretty thrilled with that discovery. Isn’t in the least bit fazed by inclement weather and can’t understand why Mummy would keep him away from a bit of rain and wind. Has boots, has hat, can go anywhere. Can also say “car”, “hat”, “boot”, “out”, and “yeah” (it’s super cute).


The bush babies in their finery:



From High Trees House,



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