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Oh, DSP. How I love thee.

You’re the first thing I turn to in every new catalogue, and usually the last frantic purchase just before you are retired with the old catalogue.

I hoard you. I can’t wait to use you all up and at the same time I can’t stand the idea of “running out”. I love a fresh pack, getting to see all your lovely patterns in person for the first time. The catalogue never does you justice – always so much prettier in real life.

I know I’m not the only DSP freak. I know I’m among friends. If you’re reading this having hopped along from Coriana at Tall Journeys then I’m willing to bet you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say how much I love DSP. All my fellow Paper Adventurers share this addiction, which is why there’s so many beautiful creations in this blog hop.

Can I pick a favourite from the 2017/18 catalogue? Ah, no. No I can’t. But…this week I have a particular fondness for the Pick A Pattern collection.

It was Miss Heather’s 7th (!!!) birthday on Thursday and this year my animal obsessed little knowledge monster wanted everything to have an ancient animals theme. Dinosaurs? Because Stampin Up® do an awesome dinosaur stamp set. Oh no. An ancient animals theme, no dinosaurs. Like wooly mammoths, and thylacines, and dinofelis, and smilodon, and all that stuff.  Great, that’s easy.

When the new annual catalogue arrived there was a glimmer of hope with Pick A Pattern and it’s awesomely cute little Wooly Mammoth (and dinosaurs). Even better she eventually conceded that dinosaurs were allowed into the mix which made things much easier for everyone.

Every year I make her a birthday banner for display on her birthday morning, at her party, and then they all hang on her playroom wall in perpetuity. Last year’s was animal patterns using the stunning Go Wild DSP which I had hoarded from the previous year.


(And yes, I went totally overboard on her wrapping last year, making them all into animals).

For the 7th annual banner creation…


On a side note – I really wanted to get a nice photo in the morning of her beautifully wrapped present stack (seven parcels, last year she had six, of course. Yes, I realise I am setting a dangerous precedent) but by the time I made it to her room when she woke up it looked like this:


Good thing the banner was still up! The colours in this paper tie in perfectly with the colours in her bedroom – this one might have to stay on display in her bedroom rather than the playroom.


After school we had the world’s easiest birthday “party” by inviting a bunch of her friends to the favourite local playground for cake and a play. I couldn’t hang the banner the way I wanted to because someone else had the audacity to be using the nice pavilion for their child’s birthday party (really!) so I spread it across the table as decoration. The kids all had a good look at all the little creatures in the paper.


My big girl, big gap toothed grin and wild after school hair (and wonky tie) and all 🙂


Here’s hoping next year Stampin Up produce another perfectly suited DSP for whatever the eight year old craze will be!

Thanks for stopping by and now hop on over to Sheila on Facebook to see her fabulous creation showcasing the wonder that is DSP.


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Marian Fleming (guest designer) –…
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13 thoughts on “Paper Adventures Team Hop – Designer Series Paper

  1. Sheila Pybus says:

    Siobhan, what a fantastic legacy you are creating for Heather through Stampin’ Up, I love the way you are using the amazing DSP in a very different, and heartwarming, way. Happy 7th birthday Heather, see you in October xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. CorianaBoothey says:

    What fantastic ideas, I would never have thought to create banners using the dsp, stamps and thinlits. Heather sure is a lucky girl and to have that special birthday tradition is an idea I might just have to pinch 😁. Well done I love your blog


  3. Kelly Kent says:

    Love, love love the prose of this blog post – as much as the gorgeous projects! I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting to use & own (and hoard) all the gorgeous patterns!
    Happy Birthday to Miss H – lucky her Mum is so clever! Kelly x (PS, how did you cope with all those grubby 6 & 7yo paws on your beautiful banner?).


    • hightreeshousesite says:

      Oh Kelly, you don’t know the half of it! I was so tempted to pack it away but reminded myself that the food and finger marks that are now on it are part of it’s story. And I managed to take lots of good photos of it while it was still pristine!


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